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How much does Zag cost?

Whether you have 25 or 2,500 users on your account, the price is the same. As your company grows, your price doesn’t. You can see our pricing here. It's simple, straightforward, and a little revolutionary. 

How do I pay for Zag?

If you’re considering the enterprise subscription, we don’t ask for your credit card up front, so we can’t charge you until you decide you want to purchase Zag. If you want in, we’ll get your credit card then, or invoice you. Invoicing is only done annually, so if you want to keep it monthly, we’ll need to go the credit card route. If you ever need to cancel, no problem, no questions asked.

Who does Zag work best for?

Zag works best in teams that lean on each other a lot for collaboration, ideas, creative thinking, and strategic input. Those tend to be teams like product development, projects, creative, marketing, public relations etc. Currently, our clients are mostly in hi-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, creative, marketing, advertising, and sciences. There are exceptions, for sure. We have an airport, church, DMV and a university as clients. But generally, it’s not the core of our client list. But at least you have a general idea of where Zag fits best, or doesn’t, with your company and culture. 

Is there any limit to the content we can see?

No. There is no “premium” version of the content. Everything is available.

How do you know it’s Fortune 500 quality?

Good question. The founders worked for FranklinCovey, designing and delivering training to companies like Accenture, Nike, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, PWC and Deloitte. They also wrote their own content, published two books with Simon & Schuster, and have had their own content taught at companies like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Cox Communications, Boston Scientific and Disney. Zag experts like Charles Duhigg and Kelly McGonigal write New York Times bestselling books, teach at big companies every week, and work for some of the biggest consulting companies in the world.

Who do I talk to about Zag?

We don’t have salespeople. Or “account executives” or “client partners.” Hopefully that doesn’t make you sad. We’re small by design. Not big fans of infrastructure that you end up paying for. 

You can talk to anyone at Zag and we’ll get you set up or answer your questions. You can reach the founders at 385.498.9959. You can also reach us at


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